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About Us

Punjab Rice Mills (PRM) was established in 1982, with the vision to produce superior export quality rice for its customers. With time, the good will of the company prevailed and we became one of the country's leading Basmati rice exporter. We strived to gain the trust of our customers by improving the quality of our products and updating our processing plants according to the need of time. Utilizing the experience spread over three decades; we constantly discover new horizons by expanding our operation in precise processing and exporting to major International markets. Today, we are exporting our high quality rice all over the globe.

PRM deals in all kinds of prime quality rice like Super Basmati, Irri 6, Irri 9, Pk 386, Basmati 1121. Plant is well equipped with latest Parboiled and Steam units to provide one house complete processing. Complete details regarding products are available here ( PRODUCTS )

Our Rice processing mill located in the rich rice cultivated area of Punjab, is fully equipped with the most up to date machinery, spacious warehouses and store rooms. These are operated by our well trained & skilled staff, supervised by a professional management team with more than 30 years of experience. Strict quality control and inspection at every stage has ensured products of a high standard.

Punjab Cold Storages:

Soon after the establishment of PRM, Punjab cold storages were built at the same facility. Potatoes being the second most popular crop in the area are stored by farmers and landlords during off season. The facility contains four store rooms with the capacity of 3,600 Tons, including sugarless potato rooms. Extreme care is taken during the loading, stacking, temperature controlling and unloading of these potatoes. Currently, all varieties of Potatoes are being stored in the facility.